StockX receipt generator

How to make a StockX receipt using StockX receipt generator

Use our StockX receipt generator to make a receipt for shoes purchased on StockX. The StockX email receipt template can be used to create a receipt for any shoe or apparel ordered on StockX. The template editor allows on-screen editing of all elements on the receipt including:

  • Shoe image
  • Date of purchase
  • Price of purchase
  • Shipping cost
  • Delivery date

Once you have updated the StockX receipt template to match your intended use, you are able to download the receipt in PDF or JPG format. The receipt can then be emailed or printed using any printer.

Email Template for StockX also has a StockX receipt template in their receipt template inventory. Their system is an online receipt editor that enables you to modify the receipt by changing any text on the receipt. If you need a StockX receipt for a pair of Jordan Air 1’s – you can quickly edit the receipt template and enter the name of the shoe and the price of the shoe. The system then generates a high-resolution receipt that is available for download to your computer.

expenseFAST online receipt editor

There are a number of fake StockX receipt generator services out there that are unscrupulously promising high quality receipt or invoices but fail to deliver. If you need an accurate receipt for your sneaker purchase, try one of these services mentioned above.

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How to identify a fake StockX Receipt

StockX receipts contain details about your order and are made to be difficult to counterfeit. To spot a fake StockX receipt, look for the following:

  • Order numbers should be in the format of: XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX (7 digits, 7 digits) ie: 9688453-9588212. These are all numeric order numbers.
  • Colorway, style and condition should all be listed on the receipt.
  • Shipping should be around $14-15. StockX doesn’t offer free shipping.