E-INVOICE: Designed for Small Businesses and E-Commerce

The days of paper invoices are quickly disappearing. Consumers are looking for more environmentally friendly ways to deal with business transactions. They want their invoices emailed or texted to them, and they’d like to be able to use their smartphones to pay. How can you make sure your customers get the digital invoices they’re looking for? It’s quite likely that your customers will start coming to you for this type of transaction. You may have already started doing it, simply because it’s convenient for you. But, if you haven’t, here are some reasons why you should consider offering electronic invoices to your customers: 

1. Your customers are asking for them. 

2. It helps the environment by getting rid of paper invoices. 

3. It creates additional marketing opportunities for you by giving you a way to stay in contact with your customers regularly. 

4. It helps build trust between you and your customer because they can review transactions as soon as they happen and feel confident about the accuracy of the information. 

Small businesses and e-commerce benefit from electronic invoices for many factors. There are three advantages of electronic invoices to consider: 

  1. Time
  2. Cost
  3. Convenience

This is because it saves both the sender and receiver time when they’re not required to print the invoice; it also saves the sender money when they’re not required to buy paper or ink, and it provides increased convenience for the receiver because they do not need to go out to get the invoice. If necessary, the customer may also be able to print the invoice from their computer or save it as a PDF file on their computer or mobile device. This is a more secure method as some customers prefer not to give out their email address online, but still want the convenience of having a digital invoice sent directly to them. 

Digital or electronic invoices are becoming more popular. It offers benefits to both consumers and businesses. For Small Businesses, it can be profitable.        

  • Electronic invoices are generally sent by email to the customer, although other delivery methods are available.     
  • They can also be used to track customer purchases for inventory purposes, including reordering products based on historical sales data. 
  • An invoice can either be generated immediately at the point of sale or saved to a database for later retrieval.   

The benefits of electronic invoices are numerous. 

  1. For one, they are more environmentally friendly than paper invoices, which are usually printed on thermal paper with special dyes that contain hazardous chemicals. 
  2. An electronic invoice has the potential to be much more secure than a conventional paper invoice because it is not tangible and therefore cannot be stolen or tampered with as easily as a piece of paper. 
  3. They also give merchants the ability to provide instant feedback regarding customer transactions through online portals and other forms of immediate notification services. 
  4. Most importantly, they allow merchants to directly track the success of their business endeavors in real-time, giving them insight into how various marketing campaigns or sales events affect their bottom line.

A digital invoice is an electronic version of a paper invoice. It can also be used as proof of purchase for warranty claims, taxes, returns, and exchanges. It became a business trending tool as it can improve your business cash flow. For beginners, this is your best time to jump on the bandwagon and utilize an invoice maker in your business. You may visit the FAQ section for further details.