Advantage of Using E-invoice in Marketing

Today, using Electronic invoices is growing rapidly and doing at an impressive pace globally. Business owners enjoying the advantage of using e-invoices as it:

  • helps in tracking all the business transactions in just one click
  • payment gets faster
  • reduced human errors
  • enhanced work productivity
  • increased cost savings
  • save space and make everything more organized

It opens a lot of opportunities in various ways:

  1. Whether a company is an online business or in-store business or both, using e-invoice has a great contribution when it comes to financial performance and the company’s credibility.
  2. Government and private organizations encouraging e-invoice solutions through mobile payments systems such as on:
  • Bank transactions – fund transfer, deposits, bill payments, and any other online transactions
  • Online purchase – e-commerce online store shopping
  • Travel bookings, and many more.

This is called innovation which also makes a good opportunity for your business to market or promotes your products and services and encourages your existing and loyal customers to patronize and recommend them to others. This is an effective marketing tool to reach your target audience and possibly convert leads to sales by putting an additional message on every invoice you send to customers.

Keep in mind that customers are possibly flooded with emails or newsletters every day and your goal is to make sure you get the attention of your target customers. Most email campaigns are ignored and your invoice is the best place to put your message. Communication is the key and whatever message you convey is also a representation of your company. Saying nothing misses your chance to inform your customers what your company stands for. You have to grab the opportunity to strengthen your brand importance as invoices are customer-friendly and a key element when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Treat your invoice as part of your brand. When you want to add special announcements, it can be: 

  • NEW products or services offers
  • Restock items. Your loyal customers might be waiting for your updates and they are excited to buy your products again
  • You have to close on a specific day due to a specific event or holiday
  • Change of store hour operations or extended time due to sale or special event

For discount offers, it can be:

  • a voucher code or discount code that they can use on their next purchase 
  • a buy 1 take 1 offer when they buy a specific product
  • FREE item when they purchase a specific amount or avail of specific services

Customers do not like to cost them more money and giving discounts is a great way to show that you value their loyalty, you care about them, and you want to give them better on their next visit, which can encourage them to come back. 

It is something that your customer is both expecting and sure to open up instantly all the time because you have earned their trust. But there are also limitations to consider as Online Receipts in Marketing and E-receipts in Email Marketing share some factors to be aware of to earn also their respect. 

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