Digital Invoice Transition

Issuing a paper invoice to the customers is the traditional way in any business and the idea of using digital invoices is a greater opportunity for the growth of the business, both professionally and economically. Switching to digitization is an innovative way to get ahead with the competition and taking advantage of the technology opportunity. For start-up businesses, particularly SMEs, digitizing your receipts is urged if you want a real-tracking of your sales and expenses daily, weekly, or monthly.

It improves the overall business processes such as:

  • speeds up document management¬†
  • speeds up reminders on upcoming dues and receive payment
  • administrative and operational tasks become more efficient
  • save space, time, and money
  • boost security – privacy and security of customer and company data is very crucial and should be secured
  • helps the planet

Choosing the right cloud platform can also be useful in other ways: 

  • you can use Google Apps for any of your small business
  • you can easily manage your paperless strategy
  • you can shift to electronic payroll and accounting
  • you can get electronic receipts for your office supply purchases and any other expenses
  • you can move your marketing approach online through email opportunities
  • you can replace your lost purchased invoice for tax audit purposes

In choosing an invoice generator, go for the platform that is both useful for your business and client. Like InvoiceWriter, you can access it from your phone and laptop. Creating an invoice is fun and easy while having an option to decide which invoice to send. Some of the main features are:

  • Send Invoice. You can send the invoice directly to your customers’ email addresses.
  • Get Invoice Link. You can copy and paste the invoice link and send it to your customers’ email or SMS text message.
  • Download the invoice in PDF format. This is the most prevalent method of sending an invoice. It lets you customize the email and you use your business email address to send the invoice to your customers.

Other formats available are the HTML format, Word, and Google Doc format. You can try it for FREE – the common invoice template – or Sign-up and choose your desired plans, visit the FAQs page, or Support tab that you can find at the right bottom of your page.

If you are looking for receipt makers, it is highly suggested using the following: 

  1. ExpressExpense
  2. ExpenseFast
  3. MakeReceipt

There are a lot of email opportunities using digital receipts or invoices. With just a click of a button, managing is more enjoyable and less stressful as you make your office paperless.

  • Emails are delivered notably fast when compared to traditional posts and you get rid of your junk mails.
  • Emails can be sent conveniently 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – when needed if you reach your store operation working hours and your valued and loyal customers need your immediate response.
  • Emails are quick and easy as long as you have an internet connection.
  • Emails are an effectively free tool and can be used for easy referencing.
  • Emails can make you do a more productive task daily because you can send them to multiple customers.

A lot of benefits, yes! but the major advantages are the:

  • time saved, and;
  • cost reduction

You can save money from printing, packaging, postage, and printer repairs and services. You eliminate papers and you become compliant with using a digital invoice and ultimately encouraging the business forward into your digital transformation.