How Does E-invoices Work?

As a company owner, you can easily get hooked up in the chaos of running a business. Part of the accounting process is checking receipts and invoices. It can be challenging because everything should be organized according to its type, category, date, or year. This is very common in managing paper invoices. Aside from you … Read more How Does E-invoices Work?

The New Normal For Issuing Invoices

One of the major objectives of an invoice is to record a transaction. It serves as a record for both seller and buyer.  it needs to indicate what was sold when the transaction occurred how much money was paid These are some of the important parts of an invoice so as to track if the … Read more The New Normal For Issuing Invoices

Electronic Invoice Using Online and Mobile Banking

Are you hooked on using online and mobile banking? This is one of the best technology upgrades as it gives you the convenience to pay or deposit online. If you don’t use cash regularly and you seldom visit your local bank branch or just really a busy person then this is perfect for you.  It … Read more Electronic Invoice Using Online and Mobile Banking

How Digital Invoice Affected Business Performance

In today’s fast-paced, everything is connected with the use of technology and the progression is still continuous. If you haven’t changed to digital tools on invoice maker, it’s time to consider and take advantage of a lot of business opportunities and growth in the digital invoice transition and smooth management of invoices electronically. Digital invoice … Read more How Digital Invoice Affected Business Performance

The Impact of Invoice in Business Accounting

The role of invoices in business accounting produces a huge impact on any business. And if you read the articles Receipts Significance to Business Accounting, Importance of Receipts in Accounting and Receipts Role in Accounting, you will get encouraged and educated that digitizing your business is not just about helping you manage your work to … Read more The Impact of Invoice in Business Accounting

Digital Invoice Transition

Issuing a paper invoice to the customers is the traditional way in any business and the idea of using digital invoices is a greater opportunity for the growth of the business, both professionally and economically. Switching to digitization is an innovative way to get ahead with the competition and taking advantage of the technology opportunity. … Read more Digital Invoice Transition

Advantage of Using E-invoice in Marketing

Today, using Electronic invoices is growing rapidly and doing at an impressive pace globally. Business owners enjoying the advantage of using e-invoices as it: helps in tracking all the business transactions in just one click payment gets faster reduced human errors enhanced work productivity increased cost savings save space and make everything more organized It … Read more Advantage of Using E-invoice in Marketing

Manage Invoice Electronically

Invoicing clients is one of the significant tasks to accomplish in your business. But what can you do if your client misplaces the bill, or forget to send payment or any other possible scenarios? One thing for sure you don’t want your company’s revenue jeopardized. Using electronic invoices can be profitable as you get paid … Read more Manage Invoice Electronically

Website and Apps Online Invoice Maker

Online or digital invoicing is very common now for small and big companies as they keep on integrating different features on invoicing software. There are lots to choose from when you come across Google but one of the most recommended is the InvoiceWriter as it suits your business needs as well as your client needs. … Read more Website and Apps Online Invoice Maker

Interesting Facts About Invoice

An invoice is a written document that you provide to customers for payment. You let them notify how much money they owe you, when their payment is due or if they have penalties for late payment. It includes the products or services that a person or company purchased from your business. Bottom line, on the … Read more Interesting Facts About Invoice