Benefits of E-Invoice to the World

Keeping invoices is a must. Today, managing electronic invoices are much better than paper invoices. Paper invoices are also valuable but the end results as far as the environment is concerned are suited as a wasteful product. The higher the demands of paper invoices the higher the chance of having really bad paper pollution.

The benefits it brings to the planet on using electronic invoices are the following:

  • Every year, almost 30 million acres of forest are destroyed. This will minimize if you use e-invoices and more trees will be protected and you contribute in your own ways to make a greener environment.
  • The pulp and paper business is a major contributor to the problem of deforestation and is partially to blame for the extinction of many wildlife species. You will be likely a part of the green community if you advocate for preserving their habitat.
  • Water is used substantially in the manufacturing of paper. Each sheet of A4 paper takes 10 liters of water. Just imagine that? Some businesses use this size on their invoices. And if you are also doing this, you might want to change your mind and switch to e-invoices to help conserve water on earth.
  • The majority of items in landfills are composed of paper. Methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, is released as paper decays. Carbon dioxide is produced when it is burnt or composted but not thermal paper receipts. The paper is coated with Bisphenol A (BPA) or Bisphenol S (BPS) which cannot be composted as it can contaminate waterways. Using e-invoices avoids yourself, your employees, and your customers from getting exposed to these dangerous chemicals.
  • In all stages, the paper life cycle is harmful to the environment. It begins with a tree being cut down, turns into a roll of thermal paper, and ends in the landfills. Saving trees gives several advantages to humans. They are life-saving trees. Trees contribute to climate change prevention by depositing carbon in the soil and trees, absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and releasing oxygen into the air. 
  • Using e-invoices is part of email management. You do not need to use paper invoices and mail them just to communicate with your customers and suppliers. You just need a good internet connection and send emails to their inbox. Customer retention is also maximized and e-marketing opportunities make it easier to reach your target customers.
  • Using your smartphones, tablets, and computers, you can download the app, keep your customers’ data and their purchase transactions. Keeping e-invoices is more manageable and less stressful when you need them for tax purposes. No more piles of paper invoices that are on filing folders to check. It is real-time tracking and makes it more convenient.

It can be a small effort for others but for you and your business, it can be a remarkable breakthrough and fulfillment. It can be a relevant contribution with the good intention to be part of resolving the climate change issue today. 

A penny saved is a penny earned, invest wisely and make sure to use a reliable and safe invoice maker. GET STARTED TODAY

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