Interesting Facts About Invoice

An invoice is a written document that you provide to customers for payment. You let them notify how much money they owe you, when their payment is due or if they have penalties for late payment. It includes the products or services that a person or company purchased from your business. Bottom line, on the invoice, the customer accepts the ownership of the goods or services provided and all the rights, risks, and liabilities involved in them.

Online or digital invoices are more advisable because of their effortless feature. It is widely used and becoming more popular. Business owners use invoices as it helps when it comes to time and cost management. As the business grows so does the pressure on the part of the employer and employees. Some use online invoices, depending on the kind of business they have, and no problem at all with their customers. Some use both printed and online invoices, to increase more productivity in their very busy schedule.

Here are the reasons why online invoices are an awesome tool to use:

  • Save space. You don’t need to spend so much time on where to put all the filed invoices or buy a new file cabinet for more storage space. 
  • Saves up costs. It saves on paper, ink, or any writing or office materials. 
  • Fast and easy. Online or digital invoices are processed faster. You can send the invoice to your customer in a matter of seconds. 
  • Payment Due Management. You can always inform your customer about the upcoming due by just emailing the invoice.
  • Error Management. Paper invoices tend to get administrative errors. You do not want your customer to be disappointed. As your goal is to provide excellent customer service, in online invoicing the accuracy and efficiency will be maximized.
  • Accessible anywhere. Tracking and automation are possible because even when you are at the home, office, or travel you can always access invoices whenever you need them.

InvoiceWriter got everything you need. It lets you create invoices for any purpose, either be for business or personal use. It has an invoice template library that will match your needs. 

Here are the benefits of using this tool:

  • Choose the invoice template. Create and send professional looking invoices to your clients via email 
  • Customize your invoice. You can add your company logo, information, terms, and conditions to look more professional.
  • Can be used on phone or laptops. Save invoices on your device or simply print them out whenever you need them.
  • Quotation invoice. If a customer makes price inquiries about your products or services. You can create quotes and turn them into invoices. 
  • Cost management. You can keep track of your expenses easier and quicker.
  • Customer profile management. You can monitor whose customers are paid, send follow-ups to late payers, or if they have penalties for late payment.
  • Safe Payments. We use to manage our payments. Stripe is a certified PCI Service Level 1 provider (the most stringent level of certification
  • Private and confidential. Our services are always encrypted using 256-bit SSL encryption for the most secure experience possible.

Whatever purpose you use for your invoice, definitely has a huge impact on the speed and efficiency of your business operations. This is a big advantage if you are a supplier and you are running a business digitally. 

Try it TODAY and you will never go wrong. If you want a receipt generator you may try using Expense Fast or Make Receipt.